Screening and Leasing Procedures

keys for new renter in Decatur

We hand over the keys only after a thorough background check!

Qualifying the Applicant

We work hard to find qualified renters for your Emory or Decatur home.  Prospective renters are required to:

      • ​Complete a Rental Application with full employment details, former residency, and personal references
  • A Credit Check is required
  • A Criminal Background check is required
  • Eviction Reports are also required.
  • Prospective renters must provide picture identification

When all references have been thoroughly  checked and income has been verified, we will make our professional recommendation for you to accept or decline their application.  Our recommendation is based on our confidence that they are willing and able to pay the rent and take care of your property.  When you have approved the application, we will take care of all the details with the tenant, including signing the Lease and collecting the Security Deposits, etc.

​The Lease

We require a minimum one-year Lease to discourage turnover and to attract more stable renters.

  • ​We use the comprehensive GAR (Georgia Association of Realtors) Lease that is the accepted standard in Georgia for Realtors.  As local, state, and federal laws can change yearly, the GAR forms are reviewed and updated frequently by the GAR legal team.
  • We will also have the tenant and landlord complete a Lead Based Paint Exhibit, when appropriate, as required by law.
  • When the new tenant moves in, we will do a combined inspection of the property and complete a Move/In Report.  Before the tenant vacates the property, we will inspect and complete a Move/Out Report to make sure no damage has been done to the home during their occupancy.

Before a tenant moves in, we will perform our own comprehensive inspection, often supplemented by photos or video where necessary.